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Latino Daily News

Saturday August 27, 2011

Letter from Survivor of Casino Massacre-  HS News Narco Blog

Letter from Survivor of Casino Massacre-  HS News Narco Blog

Photo: Casino Massacre

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Blog del Narco received a letter by mail where a woman tells what she experienced yesterday afternoon inside the Casino Royale, located in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The woman said the Government of Nuevo Leon is lying about details of the attack and calls on the Federal Government to intervene to resolve the wave of violence that affects thousands of innocent people. A full text below:

” My husband and I arrived at the Casino at 3 pm. We were on the first floor of the casino when 5 or 6-armed men came in and began shouting for us to throw ourselves on the ground because they were going to kill all of us.  One of them started firing his rifle, and then the others also started firing and screaming insults. People began to scream that we should try to run upstairs and we did. Another group ran toward the bathroom. One of the casino employees led a group of us upstairs. Many people fell and were stepped on by the stampede of people who were all hysterical. We were all desperately trying to save our lives. Some people were not able to climb the stairs because they were seniors or disabled.  We did help two pregnant women to get upstairs; while we were heading upstairs we heard grenades going off. From there on, black smoke engulfed us and prevented us from seeing anything. The people‚Äôs screams were deafening. We finally reached the emergency exit door but it was locked. The quick thinking casino employee guided us to yet another exit but sadly not all of us made it. Many were trampled during the process of escape. Once we reached outside I realized the magnitude of the massacre.

I will never forget the many dead people I saw. I especially will remember the faces of those who did not reach safety with us. I beg the federal government to intervene. The state government has not been able to handle the violence.  We are at the mercy of these criminals who have taken over our state.

MR. PRESIDENT HELP US, PLEASE NO MORE DEATHS. Local authorities are unable or unwilling to stop these criminals who have become terrorists. 

The local authorities deny that there were gunfire and hand grenade detonations before the fire, this is a lie. I lived through it- I know the truth. I beg of you to publish my letter in it entirety. These criminals are a real cancer for Nuevo Leon. SR. PRESIDENT FELIPE CALDERON do not be swayed by what our governor is telling you. Nuevo Leon is under the control of unscrupulous criminals, who laugh at the authorities, we are living in a government less state. WE ARE ALONE MR PRESIDENT.  I am a witness, who lived through the massacre in the Casino Royale in Monterrey.

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