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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 28, 2010

Lead ‘Spider-Man’ Actress Natalie Mendoza Set to Leave Plagued Production

Natalie Mendoza, one of the leading actresses of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, has left the plagued production according to multiple sources.  The actress had suffered a concussion in one of the earliest preview performances but was on the mend.  She is said to have been shaken by the latest accident, the fourth, on set that left fellow cast mate Christopher Tierney seriously injured last week.

The play is the latest project of Mexican movie producer Billy Rovzar, who invested heavily in this $66 million production.  The show is considered one of the most expensive in Broadway history. 

The first reviews to come out of the preview shows have been mixed, some praising the ambition, drive and visual magnificence of the musical, some criticizing it’s script, and the fact that several actors have been injured on set.  Big names such as Bono and The Edge wrote the music and songs featured in the production.