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Latino Daily News

Friday October 8, 2010

Latinos Receive Help From the NAACP

Back in July, due to the poor treatment of Latinos, the NAACP launched a campaign against the seemingly racist aspects of the Tea Party leadership. During their national convention, the NAACP launched a protest on behalf of Latinos saying they’ve been discriminated against for far too long. What the protesters hadn’t realized was that Arizona’s highly controversial Sheriff Arapaio was also in the city that week in July along with Arizona immigration law supporters. The NAACP is associated with the current lawsuits filed to challenge the Arizona law’s constitutionality. Quickly held meetings had resulted in the NAACP filling a bus with convention-goers and traveling across town to protest Arapaio.

Many people seemed to be shocked by the NAACP’s support both then and now, but the organization has long said their aim was to help all “colored people”, as their name suggests, no matter the ethnicity or hue of their skin.

A poll by the Pew Hispanic Center found that Americans see Hispanics as the racial/ethnic group most discriminated against. It is a shift from 2001 when African-Americans were perceived to be the country’s minority most impacted by discrimination.

After a highly publicized media war between the NAACP and the Tea Party, the NAACP came out of it having demonstrated that they will not stand aside as their fellow minorities are clearly being targeted.