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Latino Daily News

Friday September 21, 2012

Latinos Need Their Own Superhero, Says Actor Maximiliano Hernandez

Latinos Need Their Own Superhero, Says Actor Maximiliano Hernandez

Photo: Maximiliano Hernandez

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Maximiliano Hernandez, who plays special agent Jasper Sitwell in the movie “The Avengers,” believes the time has come for Latinos to have their own superhero.

“Of course the time has come to have our own superhero! I think that would be something wonderful for Latino kids because when you see people very much like yourself in positions of power, you feel that you can get there too,” he told Efe.

Hernandez believes the chance to see a Latino superhero on the big screen is not far away.

“We Hispanics have been making strides in Hollywood since the very beginning. Jose Ferrer, Ricardo Montalban. They opened the way and today’s audiences are receptive to characters of other ethnicities,” Hernandez said.

The Brooklyn native discovered his love of acting in high school, when he agreed to take drama classes to avoid detention.

“I didn’t want to be punished by having to stay after school so I went to acting classes…and I fell in love,” he laughed.

From that moment he was on his way as a stage actor, then moved to Los Angeles where his career took off with parts in television programs including “24” and “Numbers” and films like “Hotel for Dogs.”

At the moment he is rehearsing to portray a Latino FBI agent in “The Americans,” a television series set in the 1980s.

“In that period there weren’t many Latino agents, so my character seems different from the rest. And that allows me to create a background for the character that is more complex and emotional,” he said.