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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 24, 2010

Latinos More Likely to Use Cell Phones to Obtain Health Advice

There are now more than 250,000 apps available for the iPhone, more than 30,000 such apps for smartphones running Android, and several thousand for those who have Blackberry devices.  There are apps for counting calories, monitoring vital signs and apps for keeping personal health records. 

Cell phone users between 18-29 years old are more likely than older cell owners to use mobile health apps: 15% do so, compared with 8% of cell users ages 30-49, for example. African American cell phone owners are more likely than other groups to use such apps: 15% do so, compared with 7% of white and 11% of Latino cell phone users.

Younger cell phone users are certainly the most likely group to look for health information on the go, the drop off age is around 50.  Latino cell phone users are significantly more likely than other groups to use their cell phone to look for health information: 25% do so, compared with 15% of non-Hispanic whites, for example. Cell phone owners living in urban areas are more likely than their suburban and rural counterparts to use their phones to gather health information.


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