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Latino Daily News

Friday April 1, 2011

Latinos Leaders Call for Non-Intervention in Libya; Raise Doubts about ATT-T-Mobile Merger

Latinos Leaders Call for Non-Intervention in Libya; Raise Doubts about ATT-T-Mobile Merger

Photo: National Latino Congreso

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Deliberating over three days delegates from 15 states and more than one hundred organizations approved over 30 resolutions on a variety of topics. Importantly, many “non-Latino” or mainstream issues were addressed including the proposed ATT-T-Mobile merger, and President Obama’s military intervention in Libya.

Notably, the NLC delegates called for a policy of nonintervention in Libya, condemning the intervention in the Libyan Civil War and calling for Congress to cut off funds. The NLC said the intervention was unwarranted especially since the US is already engaged in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, the NLC criticized the cost of the intervention given the economic crisis here in the US.

Finally the NLC delegates noted that many other governments in the region (Bahrain, etc) are violently repressing their civilian populations but have not been intervened against because they are allied to the U.S.

With regard to the ATT acquisition of T-Mobile the NLC urged Latino organizations to withhold taking a position on the merger until a series of questions are answered and commitments are made with regard to employment, access to service, philanthropy, consumer service, and pricing.

Below are copies of both resolutions. For more information about the NLC see www.latinocongreso.org.

The NCL gathers annually and is comprised of more than 200 organizations and elected leaders from 15 states. It is the premier policy and politics convention for US Latinos. Some 500 delegates and observers are gathering to act on numerous issues from March 25-27. The NLC is convened by nine national Latino organizations: Hispanic Federation, LCLAA, LULAC, MALDEF, MAPA, NALACC, NHEC,  SVREP, and WCVI.

For further information:
Antonio Gonzalez, WCVI: 323-868-2049
Hector Sanchez, LCLAA: 202-508-6919
Brent Wilkes, LULAC: 202-365-0851
Roger Rivera, NHEC: 703-861-6064
Oscar Chacon, NALACC: 773-991-9760
Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, HF: 212-233-8955
Nativo Lopez, MAPA: 714-423-4800
Lydia Camarillo, SVREP: 210-849-4496

National Latino Congreso | William C. Velasquez Institute
2914 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031


15.04, As Amended Resolution
on the AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile
Author: Mr. Nativo Lopez
Organization: Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)
Seconded: Luis Enrique Bustamante, Mexican American Voters League
Passed on Sunday, March 27, 2011, unanimously

WHEREAS Latino communities have suffered disproportionately from the digital divide;
WHEREAS Latino communities pay disproportionately high rates for cellular and broadband service;
WHEREAS Latinos have been historically and structurally marginalized in the telecommunications sector;
WHEREAS the U.S. Economy should strive to be more inclusive towards people of color including Latinos and allow for pathways out of poverty and relief to people suffering the most from the economic crisis;
WHEREAS the NLC opposes monopolistic business practices, as they are usually harmful for consumers in general;
WHEREAS the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T will lead to fewer jobs;
WHEREAS the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T will lead to less competition;
WHEREAS the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T will eliminate low cost plans without burdensome yearly contracts that Latinos rely on for economic sustainability;
WHEREAS the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T may lead to the loss of many retail centers in Latino neighborhoods;
WHEREAS AT&T has had inferior cellular service with many lost calls;
WHEREAS AT&T has been a good corporate citizen;
WHEREAS T-Mobilie has been absent on issues related to corporate citizenship, especially in the Latino community;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that organizations represented by delegates of the 2010 National Latino Congreso, in the interest of protecting Latino families, urge AT&T to answer the following questions before we take a position on this merger:

How will cellular phone service be more affordable if this acquisition were to be approved?
How will internet broadband service be more accessible and affordable if this acquisition were to be approved?
How would Latino owned businesses be impacted by the proposed acquisition?
Will Latino owned business have access to more affordable T-1 lines?
Will Latino non-profits see more philanthropy from AT&T?
Will Latinos be employed a proportional population rates by AT&T?
Will Latinos owned businesses have access to business contracts by AT&T as a proportion to their demographics?
Will AT&T allow customers to opt out of their wireless contracts without paying a penalty?
Will AT&T extend non-discriminatory, open Internet protections to wireless Internet access?
Will AT&T allow wireless devices manufactured by companies it does not have an exlcusive arrangement with to operate on its network?

FURTHER IT BE RESOLVED that organizations represented by delegates of the 2010 National Latino Congreso urge AT&T to agree to set as a priority aggressive broadband adoption programs that include a $10 billion, 10-year initative that expands Internet accecss points and Internet training in under-served communities throughout the country and they assist with creating a National Broadband Council reflective of the populations served;

FURTHER IT BE RESOLVED that organizations represented by delegates of the 2010 National Latino Congreso urge President Barack Obama’s Administration to hold hearings on the acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T in Latino communities;

FURTHER IT BE RESOLVED that organizations represented by delegates of the 2010 National Latino Congreso urge organizations representing Latino constituencies to wait before opposing or support the acquisition until the above questions are answered by AT&T.

Resolution 13 10 -
National Latino Congreso Calls for US Non-Intervention in Libya
Author: Rev. Walter Coleman
Organization:Families Unidas Sin Fronteras
Moved by Coleman Seconded by Gonzalez, motion passed

Whereas, the National Latino Congreso supports the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of nations, especially where there is a history of colonial domination and exploitation;

And Whereas, the recent events in Libya precipitated by citizen discontent, reflecting movements throughout the region, but transforming quickly into an armed uprising, represent an internal civil war;

And Whereas the legacy of the U.S, and European powers represented by NATO acting in union and in competition with each other to invade and occupy in order to establish hegemony over the oil resources of that country is a legacy that will backfire on the United States;

And Whereas the member organizations of the Congreso are especially sensitive to issues of regime change and U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of developing nations because of the tragic and outrageous history of such interventions and military and covert operations in Latin American Countries;
And Whereas such a policy of intervention and armed assault by the U.S. States Government is therefore harmful to relationship[pp with the countries of Latin America, as witnessed by the refusal of many Latin American countries to endorse the current military intervention;

And Whereas it is hypocritical for the United States or other European Governments to intervene under the pretext of “humanitarian concern” for government repression of innocent civilians in the current Libyan civil war, when it is clear from the history of the United States and the European Nations that whenever there was even the hint of an armed insurrection that they themselves have responded with overwhelming and deadly force;

And Whereas there is clearly hypocrisy and a double standard in relation to the situation in Libya and other oil rich regimes such as Bahrain, where there are in fact dictatorships under challenge by popular opposition, but where the dictatorships are allies of the United States;

And whereas the people of the United States are being given an unbalanced and prejudicial understanding of the current regime in Libyan in order to justify military action aimed at regime change;

And whereas this administration does not have a mandate from the American people to engage in regime change in any nation in the world;

Therefore Be It Resolved that the National Latino Congreso condemns U.S. military intervention in the current civil war in Libya and calls for Congress to cut off all funding for such intervention and calls for the U.S. Government to immediately cease and desist from any further participation in military or covert intervention.