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Latino Daily News

Monday April 11, 2011

Latinos in Texas Pay the Most to Keep Their Teenagers Driving

Latinos in Texas Pay the Most to Keep Their Teenagers Driving

Photo: Latinos in Texas pay the most to keep teens behind the wheel

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According to the survey titled theEconomic Impact of Teen Driving: A Study Among Parents of 15-19 Year Olds Latino families are more likely to make sacrifices to keep their teenagers driving, and are paying more as well.

In Texas, families are paying significantly higher costs to keep their teenagers insured, and cover other driving expenses, but the report shows that Latino families.

The survey shows that while 40 percent of parents overall pay for all of their child’s driving expenses, 46 percent of Latino parents do the same. Those expenses, including gas and insurance are also higher for Latino teen drivers. The average driving costs for Latino parents is $3,215, while for non-Latino parents, that total is $3,066. The additional $149 could be a result of surveyors obtaining more responses from Latinos in Texas where driving expenses are just more in general.

Speaking of insurance, about 54 percent of Latino parents have their teens covered under their insurance policies, as opposed to 72 percent of non-Latino parents. What is frightening however, is the fact that a number of Latino teenagers are driving without car insurance. The survey shows that 28 percent of Latino teen drivers are uninsured versus only 10 percent of non-Latino teens. This is possibly as a result of their parents’ immigration status.

In Texas, undocumented immigrants are not allowed to purchase car insurance, and as a result, their teen-aged drivers are uninsured as well, as there is no policy to add them to.

In the past, Texas allowed its undocumented population to buy auto insurance, but since that is no longer an option and driving is still necessary to get to work and drive children to school, if there is an accident, chances are now higher that a driver will not be insured. Many believe this is partially to blame for Texas’ high insurance rates.