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Latino Daily News

Friday September 10, 2010

Latino’s Convicted of Hate-Crimes in Los Angeles

Two Latino’s with gang affiliations were convicted yesterday of killing a young African American girl because of her race.  Jonathan Fajardo and Daniel Aguilar of Los Angeles were charged with a hate crime against 14-year old Cheryl Green in addition to her murder. 

The girl was shot in 2006 in broad daylight on a street corner after Fajardo left an altercation with a black man.  After the altercation he shot into the crowd of black youngsters, wounding several and killing Green.  He was charged and convicted on seven counts of attempted murder for those actions. Aguilar was convicted of murdering a gang witness to the Green crime.

The accused attorney’s viewed the actions as an “accident that rose of fear and anger” not a hate crime that adds additional years to a sentence.  There are long standing black-Latino tensions in certain parts of Los Angeles.