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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 12, 2012

Latino-Themed ‘Paranormal Activity’ Film in the Works

Latino-Themed ‘Paranormal Activity’ Film in the Works

Photo: Latino-Themed 'Paranormal Activity' Film in the Works

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Hollywood seems to be taking on more Latino-themed projects and the horror genre is no exception.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, filmmakers are looking to make a Latino-themed version of Paranormal Activity with a Latino cast.

The film, being described as a “cousin” of the Paranormal franchise, will follow a Latino cast and their experiences with a “Catholic –based paranormal mythology.”

Paramount and producers from the second and third Paranormal movies (Jason Blum, Christopher Landon, and Oren Peli) may be able to film and edit the micro-budgeted in just a few months and have the film in theaters by January 2013.

Though the film will have a Latino cast it will not be in Spanish.

The horror genre has long done well in Central and South America, especially where horror meets religion and superstition. Mix that with the fact that U.S. Latinos see movies at a higher rate than non-Latinos and this latest installment in the franchise could increase the three Paranormal films’ more than $575 million gross.

Before the Latino Paranormal however, the fourth film is scheduled to be released this October.