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Latino Daily News

Monday October 17, 2011

Latino Taskforce on Jobs & Small Businesses Address Capital Hill

Latino Taskforce on Jobs & Small Businesses Address Capital Hill

Photo: National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators

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This week, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL) convened its Broadband En Accion Taskforce in Washington, for a two-day series of meetings on Capitol Hill, with key Obama administration officials, and with private sector thought leaders, to discuss the issues surrounding jobs, small business, and full digital participation for Latinos.

A key topic of the meetings focused on the ways in which expanded broadband access and digital literacy can spur new economic opportunity for Latinos. “NHCSL’s Washington meetings with members of Senator Menendez’ Senate Democratic Hispanic Taskforce, and key thought leaders brings our constituents’ interests and needs directly to the conversation in Washington,” said Senator Iris Y. Martinez (IL), NHCSL President.

“Meeting in Washington with those developing plans for major investment and reforms – including the critical reforms developing to bring high speed Internet to every American, are critical for Latinos, and all of our constituents,” said Senator Juan M. Pichardo (RI), Chair, NHCSL Business and Economic Development Taskforce, and Co-Chair, Broadband En Accion Taskforce. 

“Opportunities abound for Latinos to be a part of jobs-creating innovation – we must ensure that every one of our community institutions are connected, and that our families focus on bringing those opportunities to our children. These issues are nonpartisan, practical and key to the future,” said Representative Nora Espinoza (NM).

Meetings included participation in a half-day long summit on small business and jobs hosted by Senator Robert M. Menendez, as well as meeting with key Senate and House offices, administration officials and members of the private sector. NHCSL will use these meetings to develop policy proposals that will be released in a forthcoming whitepaper focused on broadband and digital literacy.

NHCSL members participating in the meetings included: Senator Juan M. Pichardo (RI), Co-Chair, Broadband En Accion Taskforce; Representative Minnie Gonzalez (CT); Representative Mara Candelaria Reardon (IN); Representative Nora Espinoza (NM); Senator Eduardo Bhatia (PR); and Representative Joseph E. Miro (DE), Co-Chair, Broadband En Accion Task Force.