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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 15, 2011

Latino Mom Fired for Taking Time Off to Donate Kidney to Son (VIDEO)

Latino Mom Fired for Taking Time Off to Donate Kidney to Son (VIDEO)

Photo: Claudia and Alex Rendón

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It hasn’t been a good summer for Claudia Rendón. She used all the vacation time she had available from her job at an aircraft repair training company, to take care and eventually bury her mother; her father was diagnosed with leukemia, and soon after that bit of bad news, her son Alex’s kidneys, began to fail.

Claudia told her bosses she needed to take time off from July 19, to September 1st, in order to undergo surgery to give one of her kidneys to her son.

Her bosses were initially supportive, but the day before her leave, they made her find a document that said she acknowledged that her job might not be waiting for her when she came back. They told her she’d be abandoning her job and quitting, if she didn’t sign.

Claudia signed after a boss told her she was a valuable employee, but was emphatic in making clear to them she wasn’t abandoning her job, she was saving her son’s life.

About a month after the surgery, Claudia was still in a lot of pain. Her doctor wrote a letter, saying she would be able to go back to work on September 12.

But a week earlier, when she paid a visit to her colleagues, she find out her position had been filled, and she had been left without a job.

On Tuesday, pressured by the media hullabaloo garnered by the story put out by Philadelphia’s Fox29, Claudia’s bosses admitted they had made a mistake in letting her go.

Claudia’s supervisors said they would immediately begin paying her usual salary, and when a new position opens, she’ll be able to apply for it.

Claudia is skeptical that she’ll be hired again, and told interviewers she has retained a lawyer.