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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 22, 2011

Latino Males Celebrate their ‘Vanidad’ and Enjoy Looking Good

Latino Males Celebrate their ‘Vanidad’ and Enjoy Looking Good

Photo: Antonio Banderas as Suave Latino Man

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Research from Univision Communication is showing us what many already knew – Latino men like to look good from head to toe.  In the study called “Why Latinos Look So Good” we learn that Latin men enjoy pampering themselves from mani-pedis to hair styling all in the name of celebrating their ‘vanidad’.

Chiqui Cartagena of AdAge credits the Latino male with being a ‘metrosexual’ before the term became common place.  And they are very clean with 34% of them showering twice a day versus 16% for non-Hispanic white males.

Not only are Hispanic men using a lot of shampoo they enjoy hair styling products, facial moisturizers and multiple fragrances.  With the majority of Latino males not concerned about the price for these grooming products. 

This study is welcome news for the many marketers seeking growth for their mature grooming product lines.  Hispanic males make up 20% of the total U.S. population.