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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 19, 2013

Latino Gang Member Roberto Garza Becomes 12th Person Executed in Texas this Year

Latino Gang Member Roberto Garza Becomes 12th Person Executed in Texas this Year

Photo: Roberto Garza Executed

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Latino gang member, Roberto “Bones” Garza, has become the 12th person executed in the state of Texas after a last minute stay of execution failed.

The 30-year-old gang member was convicted for his involvement in a 2002 shooting that left four undocumented women dead when he was 19-years-old in the Rio Grande Valley.  The women were targeted because Garza and other gang members thought they were implicating gang members in a crime.  It was later proven the women were mistakenly identified.  The women were ambushed by gunfire as they returned home to their trailer park from work.

Garza has always maintained he did not pull the trigger and said his confession was coerced.  Authorities believe he orchestrated the killings and was present with three other gang members though he did not fire the weapon.  Garza was also implicated in the “Edinburg Massacre” were six men were killed.  Reportedly he joined gang life at age 9 or 10.

Two hours before he was to be executed Garza was granted a late appeal by the U.S. Supreme Court that was later lifted.

This evening at the Huntsville Prison Garza he was given a lethal injection of phenobarbital and died 26 minutes after the injection was administered. 

Texas has been administrating the death penalty since the early 1800’s and in June reached the 500-person-executed milestone.  The state executes someone once every three week

In the U.S. 56% of defendants executed are white, 34% black and 8% Latino. 


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