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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 1, 2011

Latino Commission on AIDS Recognized on World AIDS Day

Latino Commission on AIDS Recognized on World AIDS Day

Photo: Latino Commission on AIDS Honored

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Today, the Latino Commission on AIDS (Commission), along with Citywide Harm Reduction received an award from Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the 24th Annual World AIDS Day Breakfast that took place at Gracie Mansion.

Mayor Bloomberg praised the work and dedication of the Commission and presented a proclamation which stated: “For your tremendous dedication to combating the spread of HIV in America’s Latino Communities and for providing high quality care to those affected by the disease. Your efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of many New Yorkers, and we commend you on your outstanding commitment to improving their health and well-being.”

Guillermo Chacon, President of the Commission and Dr. Miriam Vega, Vice-President, accepted the award: “Dr. Vega and I are proud of the commitment, passion and energy of our Board of Directors, each one of the staff members and volunteers of the Commission show in their everyday work. We gratefully accept this honor and with it, we renew our commitment to continue working for a world without AIDS,” stated Chacon.

Thirty years after the discovery of HIV, we now know that AIDS is a curable disease, and that it no longer has to be a death sentence. Therefore, the Commission invites everyone to take the HIV test, learn your status and if you happen to test positive, strongly consider accessing care and treatment as soon as possible. Treatment is prevention and we also now know that this can serve two distinct, remarkable benefits: 1) saving the life of those living with HIV, and 2) early treatment can dramatically reduce the chance of passing HIV to another person by 96%.

To our colleagues and advocates from across the globe, please join us in the continuing fight to rid the planet of this pandemic. We can beat AIDS if we support one another and renew this pledge with a profound purpose to finding a cure. Now more than ever…we must spark the movement forward and realize an “AIDS-free generation.”