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Latino Daily News

Monday July 25, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Locks 5-year-old Daughter in Closet, Starves Her for Looking Like Her Father

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Locks 5-year-old Daughter in Closet, Starves Her for Looking Like Her Father

Photo: Asusena Marie Gonzales kept her child, 5, in the closet and starved her

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Social workers found a severely malnourished 5-year-old girl in a closet in her mother’s house July 18. The child is reported to have been starved and beaten due to her resemblance to her father.

Asusena Marie Gonzales has been arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect for the deplorable treatment of her 5-year-old daughter.

Weighing just 19 lbs, about half that of an average child her age, the girl was locked in a closet, starved, and beaten with a cord.

Social workers said five other children lived in the Oklahoma City home, but the 5-year-old was targeted because she looked most like Gonzales’ ex-lover, the child’s father. The couple had fallen out.

It was reported that the child was so painfully thin that her bone joints were clearly visible. Also, the young girl is said to have been found with still-bloodied marks along her arms and legs allegedly from a cord.

She was also only given a cup to urinate and defecate in, and social workers reported being able to smell it coming from the closet.

Though the children appeared to be severely abused and neglected, the other children appeared to be healthy and well-fed.

Gonzales told officers that the child was born premature and weighed just 4 pounds when he was born. She also admitted to not taking her to the doctor since she was 4 years old.

“She was unable to focus on my face and said only a few word which I could not understand,” said one of the police officers called by the social workers.

The girl was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the other children were taken into protective custody by the state’s Department of Human Services.

Gonzales was charged last Monday, and released on $20,000 bail. She is also wanted on seven charges including disorderly conduct and failure to show insurance.