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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 4, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Calls 911 More Than 2100 Times in One Month

LATINO BLOTTER: Woman Calls 911 More Than 2100 Times in One Month

Photo: Jennifer Arguellas called 911 2100 in the month of June

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Jennifer Arguellas may hold a new record. In the month of June alone, she called 911 thousands of times. Not once did it appear she had an actual emergency.

Arguellas, 44, was arrested after she called California Highway Patrol dispatchers more than 2100 times to talk or ask about anything or nothing.

On Wednesday, dispatchers say she called 135 times, and police had had enough. Calling 911 too many times and not having a legitimate emergency put her in violation of California penal code section 643X, and she was arrested.

Calling 911 so many times was not only annoying for the dispatchers – who were eventually able to identify her by name – but it left them unable to receive other calls on that line. Even when she’d call and hang up without saying anything, Arguellas was taking up time, because dispatchers are required to call back when someone hangs up to ensure no one is in an emergency situation.

An officer said that when she was arrested, Arguellas was “very polite” and “very apologetic about calling.”

But just like some of her calls to 911, “she was just rambling.”