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Latino Daily News

Monday August 1, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Virginia Butt Slasher Attacking Women in Malls

LATINO BLOTTER: Virginia Butt Slasher Attacking Women in Malls

Photo: The Virginia butt slasher attacking women in malls is believed to be Hispanic

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Police are on the lookout for a Hispanic male they believe has been attacking young women in shopping centers.

The slasher’s most recent victim was an 18-year-old girl who was shopping at Forever 21 in Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Last Monday night, the girl said she felt a sharp pain in her rear-end and thought she had gotten caught on a hanger, but when she looked at her backside, she realized she was bleeding and that her denim short had been . The wound was superficial and only 1.5 in. police say.

Tuesday, police released additional information, stating that this method of attack has been happening since February, around Valentine’s Day. The victims have all been in their teens to early 20s.

ImageSpokeswoman for Fairfax Co. Police, Lucy Caldwell, said in each case, the victim was distracted when the suspect cut her with either a box cutter or a razor.

“The attacks do appear random,” Caldwell told reporters. “Certainly no one would be expecting or suspecting anything like this to occur.”

The suspect has not been identified, but is described as being a heavy set Hispanic male in his late 20s, and roughly 5’ 6” tall.

Monday’s attack was the third reported at Fair Oaks Mall, and two other incidents happened at other shopping centers in the area.

“We want young women to take precaution and be aware of their surroundings,” said Caldwell. “Don’t hesitate to report anything unusual.”