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Latino Daily News

Monday July 18, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Update -Grocery Store Clerk Indicted for Giving Semen-Tainted Yogurt to Shopper

LATINO BLOTTER: Update -Grocery Store Clerk Indicted for Giving Semen-Tainted Yogurt to Shopper

Photo: Grocery Store Clerk, Anthony Garcia, Indicted for Giving Semen-Tainted Yogurt to Shopper

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The New Mexico man who allegedly gave a female grocery shopper a sample of yogurt with his semen in it was indicted Wednesday on federal charges.

Anthony Garcia, 32, was named in a two-count indictment in a U.S. District Court for allegedly giving a woman a yogurt containing his semen. The second count is for making false statements to the police.

According to the police report from the Albuquerque Police Department, the victim told officers that she was shopping at the grocery store with her daughter when a “pushy” store clerk, Garcia, offered her a yogurt sample.

She tasted the yogurt and said she immediately thought it tasted “gross and disgusting” and cops noted that she “said it tasted like ‘semen.’”

DNA was taken from Garcia and the yogurt sample, and tests confirmed that his semen was in yogurt the shopper consumed.

Friday, a federal judge denied Garcia bail, stating that his behavior was getting worse, and that he’s a danger to society.

He has at least three prior offenses on his record including being detained for indecent exposure and masturbating in public. Garcia is also not allowed to live with children, though he violated that order by living with his sister and her 14-year-old son at the time of arrest.

He pleaded not guilty to the changes. If convicted, Garcia faces the maximum sentence of three years for contaminating the yogurt, and a maximum of five years for providing a false statement.