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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 1, 2012

Latino Blotter:  ‘This Is It!’ Rant Clears Out Midnight Viewing of “Dark Knight”

44-year-old David Escamillo, from Miami Beach, is in a lot of trouble for causing a panic at the midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises” in Miami when he yelled “This is it.”

Escamillo was initially involved in an altercation with movie goers when he was observed walking up and down the movie stairway.  He left the theater only to return later wearing black gloves.  When he returned he positioned himself at the back of the theater and screamed out ‘This is it.”

This rant was enough to panic the one hundred or so movie viewers who fled in panic via the nearest exits.  Several movie goers then proceeded to tackle Escamillo outside the theater and waited for police to arrest him.

Witness report Escamillo sounded ‘irrational’ and smelled of alcohol.  Local police confirmed that Escamillo did not have a weapon on him and faces disorderly conduct charges. 

There was a heavy police presence when the disturbance call came in as a result of the deadly Aurora, Colorado shootings at a midnight showing of the same movie that left 12 dead, days earlier.