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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 6, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Substitute Teacher Who Slept with 14-Year-Old Boy is Pregnant

A substitute teacher in Texas was arrested after a boy’s mother discovered said teacher was sleeping with her son.

Authorities in Texas’ Bexar County say 35-year-old substitute teacher Amanda Sotelo slept with a 14-year-old student and may be carrying his child.

Sotelo was arrested on November 1, after the underage boy’s mother learned about the sexual encounters on October 31st.. The married teacher was charged with indecency with a child and fired by the Southwest Independent School District that day.

The boy and Sotelo allegedly met in March or April, though the teacher says they did not start their sexual relationship until the end of the school year. Police say Sotelo met the boy through her daughter, who sometimes brought the boy to their home.

According to the affidavit:

Sotelo stated that the relationship developed over time. She and the victim were both going through problems and confided in each other. It wasn’t until the end of this last school year that they began having a sexual relationship, ‘like grown-ups’ … She further admitted that she and the victim had sex about once a week. Sotelo further stated that she found out she is pregnant when she went to the emergency room the first week of September.

Sotelo further stated she loves the victim and he loves her.

She reportedly has children with her husband, who was out of town at the time of her arrest.

Sotelo is being held at Bexar County Jail and her bond was set at $75,000. It is unclear whether she ever taught any of the boy’s classes.