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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 10, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Raul Garza Kills Wife then Rapes and Murders her 12-Year-Old Sister

LATINO BLOTTER: Raul Garza Kills Wife then Rapes and Murders her 12-Year-Old Sister

Photo: Raul Garza Kills Wife then Rapes and Murders her 12-Year-Old Sister

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South Texas’ Raul Garza has been jailed without bond for allegedly killing his wife before raping and murdering her 12-year-old sister.

The 24-year-old of Wesalco, Texas has been charged with a number of offenses, including capital murder, after police believe he killed his wife, Veronica Serrano Rivera. He then allegedly raped and killed her 12-year-old sister, Elisa Rivera, and locked his two young children in a room for more than a day.

Serrano Rivera reportedly argued with Garza about his alleged cocaine addiction on Friday, and threw a beer can at his head after he snorted a line of cocaine and bled all over the home. That is when he snapped.

When investigators arrived at the family’s home, they discovered the bodies of Serrano Rivera and her little sister. Garza allegedly beat and choked his common-law wife before stabbing her more than 20 times. Elisa, who is believed to have walked in on her sister’s murder, was then raped and murdered. Police believe Garza also abducted a neighbor, but luckily she escaped.

On Sunday, two of the couples’ children, ages 5 and 6, were found wandering near their home, one telling a passer-by, “My mother is dead.” The couple also has a third child who is just 6-months-old. The older children were reportedly attempting to walk to their grandmother’s house.

Garza faces charges of capital murder, aggravated kidnapping, and possession of a controlled substance. He faces kidnapping charges for allegedly forcing his neighbor, Andrea Tafolla, to drive to numerous ATMs and withdraw hundreds of dollars, holding her at knife-point.

Tafolla was able to escape Garza when they stopped at Rudy’s Country Store and Barbeque in McAllen, Texas.

Sheriff Lupe Treviño, says Garza was spotted by a member of the Gulf Coast Violent Crimes Task Force in Weslaco. Garza took off on foot and ended up a his place of work, the Weslaco Wastewater Treatment Plant. He reportedly attempted to drown himself at a sewage pond three or four times, but was unsuccessful.

Combative, Garza was taken to McAllen hospital, where he was treated for ingesting the dirty water. Unconfirmed reports state that when asked why he was trying to drown himself, he told police because shooting himself would hurt too much.

Justice of the Peace Homer Jasso denied Garza bond.