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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 8, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER:  Prisoner Dressed in Wife’s Clothes Escapes – Temporarily

LATINO BLOTTER:  Prisoner Dressed in Wife’s Clothes Escapes – Temporarily

Photo: Roanldo Silva Dressed as Woman Plans Prison Escape

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Brazilian prisoner and alleged drug trafficker, Ronaldo Silva, demonstrated some impressive creativity in his latest escape attempt from prison.  Dressed in his wife’s blue dress, bra and long brown wig, with cleanly shaven legs, Silva squeezed into a pair of high heels and sauntered out of the jail during visitor hours along with other wives of prisoners.

The escape went almost flawlessly.  His biggest mistake was not being able to walk naturally in heels.  A talent that takes many women years to master, Silva was spotted as a guard noticed his clumsy gait and followed him to a nearby bus station.  It was there that police arrested him again and brought him back to the jail. 

Silva’s wife admitted to changing clothes with her husband but stated she didn’t know why he had wanted the clothes.  She left the jail in her husband’s Bermuda shorts and another shirt she had brought to the jail in her bag.  The police do not believe her story and are taking measure to make sure that an incident such as this does not repeat itself. 

Silva has been awaiting his trial for drug trafficking.  He had transferred to the prison after recently trying to escape his previous jail.  In the first attempt, armed men ‘invaded’ the jail trying to release him.