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Latino Daily News

Monday April 30, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Manuel Carranza Only Has a 6th Grade Education, Practices Dentistry

LATINO BLOTTER: Manuel Carranza Only Has a 6th Grade Education, Practices Dentistry

Photo: Manuel Carranza Only Has 6th Grade Education, Practices Dentistry

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A Honduran-born man living in New York has been accused of not only practicing dentistry without a license, but without any formal medical or dental training whatsoever.

Manuel Carranza, 46, who has been living on Long Island, was reportedly caught after police received word that a man was practicing dentistry out of his home in an unsterile environment.

Detectives discovered the man with just a 6th grade education was operating an unlicensed dental facility out of his New Cassel home.

ImageHis equipment, which was purchased online, was not sterilized, only cleaned using dish soap, and was mostly second-hand tools.

As for the fillings he was putting in people, Carranza used melted down gold jewelry.

The cash-only operation brought in the big money with dentures, which Carranza charged $150 to $300 for. He is also said to have had a chart indicated fillings were $20-30 and root canals were $50.

Det. Lt. Ray Cote told CBS New York, “Our concern is that there are people that are not in good health as a result of his services.”

Police believe that over the last 18 months, Carranza has treated more than 100 people.

Carranza’s attorney told police his client was not practicing dentistry and was simply a collector of the tools and other pieces. However, along with the tools, prescription medications were also found in his home.

To protect the cash he kept from the business, Carranza is said to have been in possession of a stun gun, should anyone attempt to rob him.

He is currently out on $2,500 cash or bond after he pled not guilty to charges of unauthorized practice of a crime, possession of a forged instrument, possession of a dangerous weapon, and criminal diversion of a prescription. He was reportedly due back in court on Monday, April 30.