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Latino Daily News

Friday November 18, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Tries to Hide Heroin in Woman’s ‘Lady Purse’, Telling Her to “Shove It Up There”

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Tries to Hide Heroin in Woman’s ‘Lady Purse’, Telling Her to “Shove It Up There”

Photo: Man Tries to Hide Heroin in Woman's 'Lady Purse', Telling Her to "Shove It Up There"

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A New Mexico man has been arrested and charged with criminal sexual penetration, drug trafficking, and tampering with evidence, after he attempted to shove a bag of heroin inside a female friend’s crotch.

Stephen B. Holguin was indicted by a Doña Ana County grand jury Thursday. His charges stem from a November 3rd incident in which he and a female companion were pulled over by police after they received a tip that Holguin had more than 20 grams of heroin on him.

ImageHolguin, 26, was picked up by the woman outside the Sands Motel in Las Cruces. Police then pulled over the car for having expired registration.

According to court documents, officers noticed Holguin “making furtive movements toward the driver of the vehicle and under and near the console of the vehicle.”

When questioned about it, Holguin admitted to hiding marijuana under his seat.

However, the court reports stated that when the female driver was questioned by police, she told them Holguin had pulled a plastic bag containing a “dark substance” from within his pants, “shoved the bag in her crotch area” and told her to “shove this up there.”

The woman gave the officers the bag, and it was later determined that it contained 21.4 grams of heroin. She was not charged.

Metro Narcotics Sgt. Bobby Holden told the Las Cruces Sun-News that while traffickers do tend to hide drugs inside their bodies, it’s a far less occurrence to try to hide drugs inside someone else’s.

Holden said that the heroin in the baggy has a street value of $1,200.