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Latino Daily News

Friday May 11, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Claims to be Millionaire but Can’t Pay $500 Stripper Bill

LATINO BLOTTER: Man Claims to be Millionaire but Can’t Pay $500 Stripper Bill

Photo: Eddy Morales Claims to be Millionaire but Can't Pay $500 Stripper Bill at 'Beamers'

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A Connecticut man has been arrested for not paying a strip club bill, despite claims he and his family are worth millions and had ties to the White House.

Monday night, 39-year-old Eddy Morales started a tab at Beamers Café strip club in Richmond Hill, CT at around 8 p.m., saying he was entertaining some businessmen. Less than four hours later, the strip club called police saying they had a man who was unable to pay his bill after his credit cards were being denied.

Morales reportedly had a number of credit cards declined and when the club’s manager grew annoyed that Morales was unable to pay, Morales fired back saying his family was worth millions and that the manager was welcome to call police.

Calling his bluff, the manager did just that and when police arrived, a now surly Morales was told he should call friends or family to raise the money. When he was unable to collect the funds, police ran his name and revealed Morales had 9 warrants out for his arrest for failing to appear in court.

He was arrested by Stamford police and held in lieu of $230,000 bond.

Police say that while in a cell, Morales told officers his family is worth half a billion dollars and due to his arrest, the police station would be getting an angry call from the White House on his behalf.

No information regarding his level of intoxication was immediately available.