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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 26, 2012

Latino Blotter:  Liquid Butt Silicone ‘Injecter’ Sentenced to One-Year in Prison

Latino Blotter:  Liquid Butt Silicone ‘Injecter’ Sentenced to One-Year in Prison

Photo: Whalesca Castillo to be Jailed

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Whalesca Castillo was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to forfeit $100,000 for charges stemming from her illegal injection of liquid silicone into women’s butts as part of an underground business she ran out of her Bronx home.

Since at least 2009, Castillo, who does not hold a medical or nursing license of any kind in New York State, has imported liquid silicone from the Dominican Republic and administered injections to women for butt enhancements. She administered these injections in her Bronx home, representing to her clients that they were safe, and charging them hundreds of dollars per injection.

One woman, who paid Castillo $1,000 for injections, experienced pain and shortness of breath following the procedure, and fainted within hours. When the woman called Castillo to report her medical symptoms after being revived by her boyfriend, she was discouraged by Castillo from seeking proper medical attention, saying that a hospital would not help her because the procedure was illegal.

Investigators found trash bags containing over 100 bottles, some of which contained silicone residue, syringes, needles, bloodied gauze, and dozens of tubes of Krazy Glue, which sometimes are used to seal puncture wounds.