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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 6, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER:  Is Luis Lopez the Most Honest Convict in America? (VIDEO)

LATINO BLOTTER:  Is Luis Lopez the Most Honest Convict in America? (VIDEO)

Photo: Luis Lopez turns himself in After Accidental Jail Release

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Luis Lopez, 37,  thought it was very odd that he was being released three months into his year-long conviction for drunk driving, driving with a suspended license, hitting two cars and then fleeing the scene.  Nonetheless, the Florida prison guard insisted he had a court order to release Lopez with the expectation he would serve the rest of his sentence from home.

Lopez, now being dubbed the ‘most honest criminal in America’, called his lawyer immediately who in turn told him that due to a bureaucratic snafu he should of never been released.  Many would of run, and many would of waited until (if ever) the over crowded Marion County jail system would of discovered their mistake. 

Lopez said when he turned himself in ‘It never should have happened. I just want to do what I have to do now, and get on with my life. That’s it.’  Check out the video when Lopez, accompanied by family and friends, turns himself back to jail.  The Florida prison system has not released a statement as to how this mistake occurred and when they expected to catch their mistake.