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Latino Daily News

Thursday January 12, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Housekeeper Stole Employer’s $350,000 Multi-Diamond Engagement Ring

LATINO BLOTTER: Housekeeper Stole Employer’s $350,000 Multi-Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo: Latina housekeeper, Cody Mejias steals employer's $350,000 engagement ring

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Housekeeper Cody Mejias has been arrested for allegedly stealing a high-priced engagement ring from her employer, claiming she stole it to provide for her family.

The diamond ring was stolen from the Stuart, Florida home of Robert Hill and is worth an estimated $350,000 due to it’s size and unusual cut.

The expensive piece reportedly went missing from the home while Mejias, 26, was cleaning it, but instead of calling the police to handle the situation, Hill called a private investigator who gave the housekeeper a polygraph test.

After failing the test, the investigator says Mejias avoided him and refused to see him, after which the police were called.

The ring was tracked down and found to be at Jensen Beach Jewelers, where owner Charles Sarullo said Mejias sold him the ring for $4,800.

The Hills had offered a $5,000 reward, but Sarullo was also reimbursed the $4,800 he had paid Mejias for the ring.

Sarullo told police he sold the ring to Mejias, who told him she had inherited the piece from a deceased aunt.

Mejias eventually confessed to stealing the ring while she worked in Hill’s home.

She was arrested and charged with grand theft and is currently being held on $20,000 bond.

According to the affidavit, Mejias “stated she needed the money to feed her children.”

She has since sent an apologetic letter to the Hills.