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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 9, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER:  Hanging ‘Large Fleshy Testicles’ Gets Jose Rodriguez Arrested

LATINO BLOTTER:  Hanging ‘Large Fleshy Testicles’ Gets Jose Rodriguez Arrested

Photo: Truck Balls Gets Jose Rodriguez Arrested

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If you are not driving with a valid drivers license and possibly are in the country illegally it is not recommended you drive with obscene objects from your rear bumper.

Unfortunately that is what Jose Cervantes-Rodriguez did when he was driving a Lincoln pick up truck in South Carolina.  Spartanburg County sheriffs spotted something unusual hanging from Cervantes-Rodriguez’ vehicle and stopped him.

Upon further inspection the unusual something were ‘flesh colored, anatomically correct’ ‘pair of large fleshy testicles.’  Cervantes-Rodriguez immediately removed the faux testicles according to The Smoking Gun and explained that he had just moved from Mexico six months ago and had been state hopping from Texas to Georgia to South Carolina.

We aren’t sure what having come from Mexico has to do with hanging testicles from your car.  Cervantes-Rodriguez was issued a citation and was released after posting $237.50 bond.

According to Raw Story, Cervantes-Rodriguez is the second motorist to be ticketed for ‘truck nuts’ in South Carolina within the last year.  The last perpretator was 65-year-old, Virgina Tice.