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Latino Daily News

Friday November 9, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: Deby Mejia Beats Sister, 10, Over a Bag of Cheetos

LATINO BLOTTER: Deby Mejia Beats Sister, 10, Over a Bag of Cheetos

Photo: LATINO BLOTTER: Deby Mejia Beats Sister, 10, Over a Bag of Cheetos

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A Texas woman is scheduled to appear in court on November 13 for allegedly beating her little sister over snack food.

Police say Deby Mejia’s dislike for her little sister is so intense that something like seeing her eating a bag of Cheetos causes immense rage.

On October 11, Mejia, 23, went to the store, leaving her 10-uear-old sister behind. When she returned home, police say the sight of seeing her sister eating a bag of Cheetos she had gotten from a neighbor. For some reason, the sight sent Mejia into a rage and she began whipping her sister with an extension cord.

Mejia continued the beating by grabbing the girl’s hair and slamming her head on the floor until she was unconscious. She then kicked her sister multiple times.

After the girl showed up to school covered in bruises, officials called police to report the alleged abuse. When investigators spoke with the girl, she reportedly told them she was thinking about committing suicide. The school said this was not the first time they had seen the girl with injuries, and had reported it to CPS.

Mejia was arrested and told police she hated her sister, wished she had never been born, and maintained that she had not done anything wrong. She said she resented being forced to care for her sister when she was still a teenager.

The sister had been under Mejia’s care since their mother was deported to Honduras in 2006.

CPS spokeswoman Estella Olguin told KENS 5, “Apparently this was not a one-time incident. It was a common occurrence.” However, she added, “Had we received a report that a child was caring for a child, that a minor was caring for another minor, that would be something we would definitely get involved and work with ICE.”

Mejia has been booked into Harris County Jail on the charge of felony injury to a child. Her bond was set at $60,000.

Neighbors told police abuse of the girl was not uncommon, one even saying she had seen Mejia force the girl to balance of water on her head while kneeling on a bag of rice.

The younger sister has since turned 11, and is currently in foster care.