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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 21, 2013

LATINO BLOTTER: Chicago Man Shoots Friends Over Beer Money

LATINO BLOTTER: Chicago Man Shoots Friends Over Beer Money

Photo: Gumaro Torres shot friends over beer money

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An Illinois man has been charged with multiple felonies after killing one man and injuring two others over beer money.

According to reports, Gumaro Torres, 31, was drinking with co-workers in a Chicago yard over the weekend when the group pooled their money to buy more alcohol. When the person who bought it returned, however, Torres became angry he did not receive any change.

Torres continued to drink, but after a verbal argument went home to retrieve a handgun. He then returned to the yard and opened fire after he complained about the money and was laughed at.

Jose de LaFuente was believed to have been shot multiple times, as well as another man. A third man was finally able to subdue Torres, but only after being pistol-whipped multiple times himself.

De LaFuente died as a result of a bullet wound to the abdomen, while the second man was said to be in critical condition.

Torres has been charged with three felonies: first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.