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Latino Daily News

Wednesday August 17, 2011

Attempted Kidnapping of 6-Yr Old in NM Thwarted by Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon

Attempted Kidnapping of 6-Yr Old in NM Thwarted by Hero Antonio Diaz Chacon

Photo: Attempted Abduction in New Mexico

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UPDATE:  The good samaritan that probably saved the life of a 6-year old little girl that was snatched from a playground has been identified as Antonio Diaz Chacon.  Diaz Chacon, who does not speak English, had his wife call 911 while he chased suspect Phillip Garcia.  Garcia had taken the little girl in his van and was pursued by Diaz Chacon.

The 24-year old mechanic, father of two girls, gave chase as Garcia wove in and out of residential streets in Albuquerque, never losing him.  After Garcia crashed his van Diaz Chacon bravely went to the car and took the girl out bringing her back home.  Authorities say they found in the van, the back seat taken out as well as packing tape and a tie-down strap.

New Mexico authorities are call Diaz Chacon a hero who didn’t think of his own safety or what he was heading into. 

ORIGINAL STORY:  A 6-year old Albuquerque, New Mexico girl and her family are thankful for an alert and pro-active neighbor.

The unidentified neighbor witnessed suspect Phil Garcia first entice the 6-year old playing at the local playground in front of her home around 4pm.  When she resisted the lure, Garcia allegedly got out of the car and pushed her into his van.

The good Samaritan not only chased the van but was able to call 911 while in pursuit.  When Garcia, apparently unnerved by being followed, crashed his van – the neighbor ran and got the little girl out of the car. 

Garcia fled the scene of the accident but police pursued and eventually captured him.  Frighteningly, authorities are reporting that Garcia had borrowed the van from his sister and then proceeded to remove the back seats.