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Latino Daily News

Friday December 2, 2011

LATINO BLOTTER: Sex Toy Assault Leads to Husband Hitting Wife with Iron

LATINO BLOTTER: Sex Toy Assault Leads to Husband Hitting Wife with Iron

Photo: LATINO BLOTTER: Sex Toy Assault Leads to Husband Hitting Wife with Iron

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An already troubled Texas couple’s marriage took a surprising and terrible turn when the husband allegedly hit and burned his wife with an iron after she supposedly assaulted him with a sex toy, and early this week, a jury found the husband guilty of assaulting his wife.

Williamson County couple Hugo Alquicira, and his wife Maria Isabel Puente claimed that they were each assaulted by their spouse on June 27, 2010.

Puente told police that Alquicira hit her with a hot iron when an argument escalated. In court however, Alquicira told the judge that he did not hit her with the iron, but said he did push her onto the bed, and only after she penetrated him with a plastic sex toy.

Upon hearing Alquicira’s claim, the judge ordered the jury out of the court room and asked how Puente was able to penetrate him with the toy. The husband then changed his testimony and said his wife actually only touched his buttocks with it.

The couple have three children, and during the time of the physical altercation, after hearing yelling and loud noises, one of the sons picked the lock to the bedroom their parents were in. Daughter, Natalie Alquicira Puente, then 9, testified that once the door was open, she saw her mother’s shirt “ripped down the middle”. She added that she saw bruises on Puente that were “very purple,” and that her father “was there holding an iron in his hand.” Upon seeing her, Natalie claimed he said, ‘I didn’t do it.’

Wednesday, prosecutors presented photos showing two burns on one of Puente’s arms and back, and another wound they say was created by the iron’s cord.

However, Alquicira claimed the wounds seen in the photos occurred the night before when he was driving away after an argument and Puente grabbed onto the car’s bumper before letting go. Puente said she never held on to the bumper and was actually holding to the car window before falling and landing on her hands.

To make matters worse for Alquicira, the children say that when they got into the bedroom that day, their father told them he’d kill them if they told police what they’d seen.

Thursday, the Williamson County jury found him guilty of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The sentencing portion of the case began Thursday afternoon.