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Friday May 18, 2012

LATINO BLOTTER: After 5 DUIs in 5 Weeks, 45-Year-Old NJ Man Arrested

LATINO BLOTTER: After 5 DUIs in 5 Weeks, 45-Year-Old NJ Man Arrested

Photo: After 5 DUIs in 5 Weeks, 45-Year-Old NJ Man Arrested

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How this man was still able to drive the New Jersey roads is beyond comprehension.

On Wednesday, Anderson Sotomayor, 45, was arrested after being caught driving under the influence for the fifth in just five weeks.

Just before noon, police pulled Sotomayor over in Vineland, NJ after a concerned citizen called police to tell he was driving even though he should not be. Officers caught up to Sotomayor quickly and noticed he was driving erratically.

Officers say that when they approached the vehicle, Sotomayor had a can of beer in his lap and even admitted to taking oxycontin earlier that morning. He reportedly refused to take a breathalyzer.

Prior to Wednesday’s incident, Sotomayor was caught driving the wrong way on a one-way street before hitting the curb and driving off the road on Saturday. Prior to that, he was charged with DUI on April 9, 11, and 25.

According to a local ABC affiliate:

He was also issued five summonses - not including drunken driving - on April 2. Police say that day, he swerved around a school bus as it unloaded kids, ran into a stop sign, smashed into a car and fled the scene of the accident.

His driving record includes two prior drunk driving convictions in 1989 and 1992. His license has been suspended 23 times and he’s got multiple violations for speeding and careless driving. But his license was recently restored.

Sotomayor was charged with illegal use of CDS, DWI, Reckless, Driving, Failure to maintain lane, and having an open container of an alcohol beverage in a motor vehicle.

For his alleged oxycontin use, Sotomayor’s bail has been set at $10,000 though he remains in jail in lieu of bail.