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Latino Daily News

Monday April 23, 2012

Latina Teen Who Faked Deadly Cancer and Raised $17,000 Arrested

Latina Teen Who Faked Deadly Cancer and Raised $17,000 Arrested

Photo: Angie Gomez Arrested

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UPDATE:  dated April 23, 2012

Angie Gomez, 19, has been arrested by El Paso, Texas authorities on charged of theft-by-deception stemming from her fraudulent fundraising for her cancer, which she never had.  Last year the teen told classmates at Horizon High School her childhood leukemia had return and it was fatal.  Everyone in school and the community rallied around her and her ‘Achieve the Dream Foundation’ raising money.  It is not known if she ever returned the $17,000 raised.

A Texas grand jury indicted Gomez and was shortly arrested thereafter. 

ORIGINAL STORY dated September 15, 2011

Angie Gómez told everyone she had leukemia, and 6 months to live. She raised $17,000 in donations before it surfaced that she was lying.

Halfway through her senior year of High School, 18 year-old Angie Gómez told classmates and teachers at Horizon City High School she was suffering from an aggressive resurgence of leukemia, an illness she had already battled as a toddler and could kill her before graduation.

In a few months she garnered the sympathy of her entire community, who helped her create the “Achieve the Dream Foundation” to help families of children with leukemia; donations reached the $17,000 mark, on top of a “Dream Prom” for Angie, who said she missed her high school’s prom because she was receiving medical treatment.

Her courage and positive attitude soon became a symbol of inspiration, she was invited to speak in other schools, she was interviewed and media sources ran several pieces about her “story of hope”.

After she graduated High School, people became suspicious, she had said doctors gave her six months, but other than a few and far between fainting-like episodes, she looked fine.

Police investigated her claims for three months and found no medical records; nobody by her name had ever been treated at the hospitals she claimed she practically lived in as a toddler, it was all a lie.

State felony charges were filed against Gómez earlier this week; the district attorney’s office is reviewing the case before considering an arrest.

It is unclear how Gómez kept her foundation and six months worth of media and community attention from her parents.  She has not provided any comments after being caught in her lies; a sign posted in the window of her parents home says “No comment, call the detective.”