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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 21, 2013

Latina Mom’s First Visit to Six-Flags Turns Fatal as “Texas Giant” Flings Her to Death

Latina Mom’s First Visit to Six-Flags Turns Fatal as “Texas Giant” Flings Her to Death

Photo: Rosy Esparza Dies at Six Flags

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It was Rosy Esparza’s first visit to Six Flags Over Texas and unfortunately it was her last when she plunged to her death on Friday from the Texas Giant roll coaster ride.

Reportedly the rides restraint came loose as the ride was in full swing and Esparza, 50, was flung from her seat on the tallest steel-hybrid roller coaster in the world. 

Witness report Esparza was hesitant about the ride because her lap bar did not secure properly.  A ride attendant dismissed her concerns.  She was on the ride with her young son at her side.  The ride opened in 1990 and was completely refurbished in 2010 at a cost of $10 million.  At 152 feet the ride boasts of having the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster at 79 degrees.

Esparza became only the second customer to die on a ride since the park opened in 1961.

The family is said to be in shock over the sudden and violent loss of their matriarch.  Thus far they have made no statement but only confirmed her as the victim of the Texas Giant accident.

Amado Esparza, the victim’s oldest son wrote in Spanish about his mother on his Facebook page   “Nunca he pasado un día tan largo como éste. Es muy triste haber perdido a mi mamá, pero estoy feliz de haber podido disfrutar de ella al máximo mientras estaba viva” which translates to “I’ve never discovered a day as long as this one. It’s very sad that I lost my mom, but I’m happy that I was able to enjoy her to the maximum while she was alive.

In her Oak Hill neighborhood, according to the Dallas News, Rosy was known for her homemade tamales and her Bible study groups hosted at home.  The family headed by husband Antonio is said to have hired a lawyer to represent them. 

An incident at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park occurred the same day as the deadly Six Flags incident.  The Shoot the Rapids ride capsized with park guests trapped in their seats under water when lap bars would not release them. No one was seriously injured and the incident is under evaluation.