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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 17, 2010

Latina Hottie Eva Says Adios to Tony:  Is He a Mujeriego?

After numerous denials that actress Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker were no more, it has been confirmed that the “Desperate Housewives” actress has filed for divorce from Tony, a pro basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs.  Adios we say to the ‘ALLEGED’ mujeriego!

The Mexican-American darling and native Tejana had been married to Park since 2007 after an elaborate French wedding.  Eva is highly revered in the Latino community for her beauty but more so for her charitable and advocacy work especially on behalf of immigrants.

In unconfirmed reports, it is alleged Eva discovered numerous, as in the hundreds, of text messages between Parker and a mutual female friend.  The couple dodged early rumors of infidelity when a French model claimed to have had a fling with Parker at his own wedding.