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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 3, 2011

Innovadores de America - Latin America’s Noble Prize for Innovation

CNN en Espanol star journalist Patricia Janiot is in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to promote the Innovadores de America Prize. The award seeks to recognize innovative Latin American projects that have changed the world. The focus is on social development, entrepreneurial, cultural and scientific projects that through great creativity and effort have helped make a better world. The prize seeks to launch modern heroes who can become role models.

There are the Oscars, the Emmys and the Golden Globes; but there is no award given to Latin American innovative projects that change the world - discovering vaccines, improving technology, generating new social waves, struggling to control climate change.

The Prize Innovadores de America acknowledges the most relevant social development, entrepreneurial, cultural and scientific projects. Latin American projects that, through great creativity and effort help to make a better world.  The Prize Innovadores de America represents a well-deserved acknowledgement for work performed by Latin American icons that do not sing, run after a ball, or frequently appear in the media. For their capacity to transform society through their innovations these modern heroes deserve to be recognized and rewarded.

Innovadores de America is a regional prize awarded every two years. Its objective is to acknowledge and promote Latin Americans whose creative contributions represent innovations so important that they become role models from whom to learn and with the potential to benefit many. Innovators of America promotes a new Latin American innovation culture in order to share, transmit and disseminate the creative Latin America spirit.

The award will consist of $40,000.00 for each winner of the following categories: Education, Science and Technology, Design, Sustainability and Ecology, Community Development, and Enterprise and Industry.

Latin American individuals, groups or organizations that have innovative projects may participate by completing an Application Form.