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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 6, 2010

Latin America’s Last World Cup Hope - Uruguay

The small nation of Uruguay 3.5 million residents are anxiously awaiting today’s semi-final match as are most Latin Americans.  Uruguay is the only Latin American, Spanish speaking team left of the 7 that started on June 11 when the World Cup began.  While there is much excitement there is a lot of doubt about the teams ability to succeed.

Two players are out due to injuries that includes team Captain Diego Lugano.  Another two, goalie Luis Suarez and defender Jorge Fuccile, are not allowed to play as a result of being red-flagged for violations.  In addition, the team is entering the Cape Town arena with accusations of cheating their way into the semi-finals as a result of Luis Suarez’s handball against Ghana.

Even Fidel Castro chimed in on Uruguay’s lack luster presence on the world stage known as the World Cup “hardly any would know on which continent Uruguay was”.


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