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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 15, 2011

Largest Christian Hispanic Organization Partners with Puerto Rico’s Pentecostal Community

Largest Christian Hispanic Organization Partners with Puerto Rico’s Pentecostal Community

Photo: NHCLC Partners with Puerto Rico Evangelicals

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The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, also known as the Hispanic Evangelical Association, the nation’s largest Christian Hispanic organization, has announced that Dr. William Hernandez and the Puerto Rico Pentecostal Association, FRAPE, has become an official partner of the NHCLC.

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference is the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals unifying, serving and representing the Hispanic Born Again Community via 34,200 member churches and 20 million constituents.

Dr. Hernandez, said, “We are more than delighted to be part of NHCLC and collaborate as one to bring God back to the center of our Nation’s life. In a culture that is beginning to disintegrate due to the decline in moral and ethical standards, it’s our responsibility to follow a truth expressed by Jesus in his prayer to the Father in John 17:21 which says, ‘I also want them to be one with us. Then people of this world will believe that you sent me.’ To make an impact on the people of this world, as the body of Christ we must be united in our quest for righteousness and Justice.”

FRAPE stands for Fraternidad de Pastores Pentecostales—the Fraternity of Pentecostal Pastors—and the name is a reflection of the intention to create a network of pastors and their local churches to be a voice in the Puerto Rican society for God and for righteousness, the organization said.

The main function of FRAPE is to promote the Pentecostal movement in Puerto Rico through social work, church networking, public policy and evangelism; to foment the unit of the evangelical Pentecostal churches in Puerto Rico; and to help promote social work through the evangelical Pentecostal local churches.

FRAPE’s primary message and goal is to demonstrate and present, through social work, networking and social activism, that Jesus is the only solution to the crisis in society.