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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 19, 2010

Large Percentage of U.S. Teens Attend Drug and Gang Infested Schools

Close to 30% of public school students aged 12 to 17 or approximately 5.7 million students report that their schools are both “gang- and drug-infected.”  Drug infected is defined as a place where drugs are used, kept or sold on school grounds.  What this means on a day-to-day basis for public school students is studying where someone is: five times more likely to smoke marijuana; three times more likely to drink alcohol and 12 times more likely to smoke cigarettes.  These students are five times more likely to associate with peers who use harsher substances like cocaine or heroin. 

The 15th Annual teen survey conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, also shows that 46% of public schooled teens are in some type of gang.


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