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Latino Daily News

Sunday January 30, 2011

Lady Gaga New Song ‘Born This Way’ Criticized by Latinos for Having Racist Lyrics

Pop icon Lady Gaga can’t seem to catch a break with her recently released song “Born This Way”.  First she was accused of sounding too much like Christina Aguilera’s in “Beautiful” and then of borrowing the idea and lyrics from Carl Bean’s “Born this Way” and now some Arizona Latino groups are chiming in with their opinion.

Organizations like Chicanos Unidos Arizona and MEChA do not like Lady Gaga’s use of the words ‘Chola’ and ‘Orient’ in her lyrics, viewing both as being racist and derogatory. 

The word chola according to the critics refers to Latina girls in gangs, Latinas from the barrio who have a certain look about them and conjure very negative stereotypes.  Lady Gaga use of this term in the song is sure to promote already negative Hispanic stereotypes, according to these organizations.

The song is set to release on February 13 and be performed at the Grammys, which may bring out more protests.  Lady Gaga has not responded to the Latino organizations and their racist-lyrics criticism, however she did post on her Twitter about the song “It has been in my heart for over a year. I’m so excited to share it .”  So changes to lyrics are unlikely. 

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