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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 26, 2011

La Familia Cartel Supposedly Disbanded

La Familia Cartel Supposedly Disbanded

Photo: La Familia Banner

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Banners appeared on bridges in the Mexican state of Michoacán on Monday, announcing the brutal cartel “La Familia is completely dissolved.”

Regardless of these signs, the Mexican government promises to continue its pursuit of the cartel.  Lawmakers and drug war experts remain suspicious of the validity of the banners, claiming that it could be a ploy to get police to lower their defenses.  However, Alejandro Poire, the federal government’s security spokesman, is optimistic that victory is certain for the police.  “What is clear is that this criminal organization is weakened and in retreat,” Poire said.

President of the security commission of the Michoacán state legislature stated, “I think it’s an attempt to divert attention.  And besides, we can’t be sure that these banners were really put up by that organization or another one,” adding, “we can’t trust it.”