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Tuesday June 28, 2011

L.A. Dodgers File for Bankruptcy in Delaware Court, “Los Doyers” in Trouble

L.A. Dodgers File for Bankruptcy in Delaware Court, “Los Doyers” in Trouble

Photo: (Dodger owner, Frank McCourt) L.A. Dodgers File for Bankruptcy in Delaware Court, "Los Doyers" in Trouble

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The Los Angeles Dodgers filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday in a Delaware court with owner Frank McCourt citing interference from Major League Baseball’s (MLB) commissioner Bud Selig as the main reason for the club’s failure.

Much of the team’s woes started two years ago when Jamie and Frank McCourt filed for divorce and as owners of the club, allegedly brought the Dodgers to ruin as they battled each other, leaving the team to take the fall.

In April, MLB took charge of the Dodgers to ensure is would “be guided appropriately in the future,” and appointed former Texas Rangers President Tom Schieffer to monitor the team on behalf of Selig.

McCourt says that MLB’s choice to reject a $3 billion agreement with the FOX network for future broadcasting rights for the club.

In a statement, Selig said that the FOX deal, as well as this bankruptcy filing is harmful to the club and serves more to keep money in McCourt’s pocket than to run the franchise.

“We have consistently communicated to Mr. McCourt that any potential solution to his problems that contemplates mortgaging the future of the Dodgers franchise to the long-term detriment of the club, its loyal fans and the game of baseball would not be acceptable,” Selig said. “To date, the ideas and proposals that I have been asked to consider have not been consistent with the best interests of baseball.”

So far, there is now word on whether the team plans to sell the trademarked name “Los Doyers” given to the team by enthusiastic Spanish-speaking fans.