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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 22, 2013

King Juan Carlos To Undergo Another Hip Replacement

King Juan Carlos To Undergo Another Hip Replacement

Photo: King Juan Carlos

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Spain’s King Juan Carlos will be operated for an infection detected in the artificial hip he had implanted in 2012 and is unlikely to attend next month’s Ibero-American Summit in Panama, a top aide to the monarch said Friday.

The king will be operated “in the next few days” in Madrid, after doctors confirmed that the pains he has been suffering in his left hip and leg for several weeks are due to an infection in the prosthesis area, Rafael Spottorno said.

Recovery from this surgery could take between eight weeks and six months, he said.

Spottorno was cautious and did not specifically state that the king will not go to Panama, but other sources in the Royal Household told Efe that it will be Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who will lead the Spanish delegation.

Juan Carlos, 75, has been present at every Ibero-American Summit since the first one in 1991.

The king “has not suggested his abdication at any time,” Spottorno said Friday, stressing that Juan Carlos “is not disqualified” by either the ailment or the operation “from performing his duties.”

Juan Carlos will go to the operating room in a few days to have his present artificial hip removed and another temporary prosthesis coated with antibiotics implanted in order to treat the infection.

Later, the provisional prosthesis will be removed in order to have the permanent one implanted, surgeon Miguel Cabanela of the Mayo Clinic, who was called to examine the monarch, told the press.

Cabanela will operate on the king with the help of physicians who handled the previous procedure.


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