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Latino Daily News

Sunday November 24, 2013

King Juan Carlos May Be Released from Hospital This Week

King Juan Carlos May Be Released from Hospital This Week

Photo: King Juan Carlos

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Spain’s King Juan Carlos, who is recovering from hip surgery, is making progress and the “initial expectations” that he may be released on Monday are being maintained, doctors said.

The king is getting around “with the aid of a walker” inside and outside his room, doctors said Sunday.

The 75-year-old king successfully underwent surgery last Thursday to implant a permanent prosthesis in his left hip.

Surgeons Miguel Cabanela and Robert Trousdale completed the procedure started two months ago, when they implanted a temporary prosthesis.

The surgeons removed the monarch’s infected left hip prosthesis on Sept. 24, replacing it with the temporary prosthesis.

The operation was the sixth that the king has undergone in the past two years and the 14th he has had during his life.

King Juan Carlos underwent intensive antibiotic therapy after the infected hip implant was removed in September, doctors said.


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