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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 13, 2014

Kidnappers of Venezuelan Journalist Keeping Silent

Kidnappers of Venezuelan Journalist Keeping Silent

Photo: Nairobi Pinto

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Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza said the kidnappers of Globovision television journalist Nairobi Pinto, abducted last Sunday in Caracas, are keeping quiet, which makes the investigation more difficult.

“I spoke with (Interior Minister Miguel) Rodriguez Torres and he told me that up to now there has been no communication from the kidnappers, which makes the investigation that much more difficult,” Arreaza told reporters after a meeting with oppositon mayors and governors.

The vice president said investigators are working on the case “24 hours a day” trying to discover Pinto’s whereabouts.

“We’re hoping to rescue her safe and sound, that’s our deepest wish because she was a very good girl at her work with wonderful human qualities,” he said.

Earlier the Interior Minister dismissed any possible political motive for the journalist’s abduction.

“That is out of the question,” Rodriguez Torres said while withholding any details of the investigation, simply adding that “certain indications point toward a motive for the kidnapping.”

Nairobi Pinto was abducted Sunday by two armed and masked assailants as she was arriving home, according to her father Luis Pinto, also a journalist.

Venezuela suffered more than 11,000 homicides in 2013, down from 16,000 in 2012, according to official statistics, but the independent Venezuelan Violence Observatory said that close to 25,000 people were killed in 2013.


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