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Latino Daily News

Monday January 14, 2013

Kidnapped Spaniards Found Safe in Mexico

Kidnapped Spaniards Found Safe in Mexico

Photo: Map of Michoacan, Mexico

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Mexican authorities have found alive two Spanish cousins who disappeared six days ago in the western state of Michoacan, the possible victims of a kidnaping, officials told Efe on Sunday.

The assistant prosecutor for Michoacan, Marco Vinicio Garibay, told Efe that the two Spaniards are receiving medical care at the Regional Hospital in Uriangato, in Guanajuato state, adding that they are both fully “conscious” and in “stable” condition.

“This concerns the (two) Spaniards, who are cousins, security for whom is being provided by the Guanajuato authorities and their wives, who are sisters. They already have the protection of the Michoacan State Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

Garibay, who did not identify the pair so as not to violate Mexican law which prevents doing so in cases under investigation, said that the two men “have some injuries” but refused to specify exactly what kind.

“The hospital still has not given us the medical report,” he said.

It was not made clear exactly how, by whom or under what conditions the men were found.

When the case first arose, it was thought that the two Spaniards - ages 44 and 45 and from Cuenca - were brothers, but the official amended that initial report to reflect the fact that they are cousins.

The older of the two men has lived in Morelia since 2012 and apparently is involved in the retail garment and textile trade there.

On Jan. 7, the two men were reported missing by their relatives in Morelia, which is the capital of Michoacan.

Up through Saturday, Mexican authorities had not received any request for ransom for the two missing men.

Mexican authorities, as well as the Spanish Embassy and other diplomatic personnel, have been looking into the matter, according to what diplomatic sources told Efe.