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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 5, 2012

Kate Del Castillo:  “I am not a lesbian.” (VIDEO)

Kate Del Castillo:   “I am not a lesbian.” (VIDEO)

Photo: Kate del Castillo

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While discussing her recent controversial Twitter letters in an interview with journalist Adela Micha, Kate Del Castillo, announces she is not a lesbian. 

“I know many would like me to be one, but no, I’m not a lesbian.  I like men a lot.” said Kate in response to questions from her fans and the public about her sexuality.

This discussion stems from her numerous recent roles both on television as well as the big screen.  Del Castillo first played a lesbian on the popular soap opera, ‘Queen of the South’ while also starring in the 2011 movie, “Without Men.”  Eva Longoria played her love interest in this film, which was based off of a Colombian novel called, Tales from the Town of Widows.  In this film, Kate Del Castillo and Eva Longoria share a steamy sex scene as the film demonstrates how a town of all women would survive ‘without men.’  The actress will also soon be seen in a transgender role in the movie K11, which is set to be released this year. 

Although these numerous roles may lead some people to ponder Kate’s sexuality; she is making it clear to everyone.  She is not a lesbian.