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Friday March 25, 2011

Kansas House Judiciary Committee Rejects Arizona Copy-Cat Bill, HB2372 - Hate Groups Suffer Defeat

Kansas House Judiciary Committee Rejects Arizona Copy-Cat Bill, HB2372 - Hate Groups Suffer Defeat

Photo: Kansas Legislature

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The Kansas House rejected HB2372 on a floor vote of 84 to 40. HB2372 was the Arizona copy-cat bill designed to be the biggest assault against immigrants in Kansas history. Today the voices of reason and tolerance prevailed over those voices of bigotry. Furthermore,  last Wednesday the Kansas Senate killed HB 2006 which would have repealed the right to instate tuition at Kansas universities for undocumented immigrant students. All this within the same week that Rep. Virgil Peck made the already infamous comment suggesting that immigrants be shot down by helicopter (listen here )

The people of Kansas are pleased that their legislature is committed to our state‚Äôs historic pursuit of freedom and tolerance. Sunflower Community Action, like thousands of Kansans statewide, organized in opposition to the attack against our immigrant communities. Countless hours were spent mobilizing our communities to call their legislators, testify in the capitol, and spread the word on the streets. We mobilized so that Kansans remember our free-state roots; that racism and hate, like that espoused by Peck, are against our core values. We were victorious. 

Sunflower Community Action and the Immigrant Family Support Network organized a prayer vigil on Tuesday, March 22nd from 7pm-8pm at Our Lady of the New Covenant Chapel at 1165 SW Blvd in Wichita. Participants gave thanks to all those who helped in blocking these inhumane bills, as well as pray for those who have yet to accept their immigrant brothers and sisters as part of the fabric of our community.

Kansas has joined New Mexico, Washington State, and Arizona in repealing hate and bigotry against immigrants.